Yesterday saw a calmness descend on South Uist: a light, more or less southerly wind with which the grass stalks in the garden were barely moving. There was a sense of everything taking the chance of the change in wind direction to be a bit lazy, to draw some breath. Sunday’s bright, northerly coldness (which first lent a sharpness to the stars in the sky; and then put snow on the peaks of the Cuillins) had disappeared, leaving the air a little warmer. We were, however, under a fair amount of cloud which lent a very soft focus to objects both in the foreground as well as in the distance.

That apart, the possibility for reflections meant it was a good day for photographs and I had the opportunity to take a bit longer on my walk to the main road to catch the late afternoon bus to catch some reflections in the waters of Loch Bi and, in particular, the lochans and water courses very close to the main road.

Here is a very peaceful scene of one of the small bays on Loch Bi’s outstretched (or outstretching…) arm by Lionacuidhe, albeit a little more soft focus than I’d like, partly as a result of the late afternoon light (actually about 75 minutes before sunset):


This is one of my favourite spots on South Uist – calm, peaceful and reflective – which I’ll be exploring in a little more detail given decent weather and with a following wind.

And here’s a couple of houses more or less adjacent to Iochdar School, reflected in Loch an Os, taken about half an hour later:


And finally a bonus sunset picture, snapped out of the window of the bus as it crossed the causeway to Benbecula (hence the blurred foreground wall), at very low tide with the remaining waters describing river-like water courses over the mudflats:


5 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Stunning pictures, perhaps the stylish new business cards should mention photographer too? I can see calendars, coasters, Christmas cards and (failing with the alliteration now) table mats!!


  2. These pictures are taken with the heart and not with a camera :). I picture you in the middle of these beautiful sceneries and my soul smiles :). One day, I hope you will visit Isle of Man or Romania (again :)) so I will have the chance to show you some gorgeous sceneries too …


  3. Thank you 🙂 Today is a little wilder: winds gusting up to 50 mph and getting stronger, and currently it’s raining. Clouds are hanging low over the bay and although I can see more brightness to the east, below the grey fringe of cloud, that’s the weather that’s been… Me and my camera may well be staying inside today!

    Isle of Man?


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