First snows


Composite picture, taken 0853 looking south and a bit east. From left to right, Thacla, Beinn Corradail (the lowest, at 527m) and Beinn Mhor (the highest, at 572m). (The need to keep exposure values the same in a composite picture means that the sky has whitened out: it was much brighter over Beinn Mhor as we’re not far off sunrise.) Very calm (almost no wind), very cold.

The Met Office looks to have got this one absolutely right: (‘… 1-3 cm of snow may accumulate on hills above around 200m and more than 5 cm above 400m…’). Cold northerly weather which yesterday brought hail and which stayed cold over night, to bring this scene on wakening with, by the look of the skies to the north, a bit more to come. Time to stop posting and get that stove stoked up, I think!

4 thoughts on “First snows

    1. Thanks, Graham. I had to walk all the way to the road to get the photo, too. Not the big one, obviously… just the one that runs past our house…

      Congratulations to have bagged all three! Did you do them together, in the one-day challenge?


  1. It was a one day job. Got caught in a storm as well and had to do an emergency descent to the east coast and then climb back over to where we were camping. Quite frankly I thought we might die!


    1. Blimey. Even without an emergency, that’s an impressive achievement.

      I think it’s quite a challenge not least since the terrain to and from the start of the mountains proper is not only boggy but even the dry bits are frequently sodden; and, while they’re not particularly high peaks, the lack of paths and the frequently ‘changeable’ weather means your navigation skills have to be sharp. That and the lack of other walkers means that any sort of emergency could well turn very serious very quickly.

      Definitely not one to do alone!


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