Opportunistic reflections


From a late Sunday afternoon stroll along the machair, adjacent to Ardivachar beach, sun already below the horizon. This piece of reflection was somewhat opportunistic, since the water here is a result of a steady build up of rain water on the machair over the last few weeks; it’s not a regular lochan (though it did act to put a bit of distance between us and a small herd of fairly inquisitive heifers). To some degree you could repeat the scene regularly, and from a little closer to, from Loch Druidibeg further south, but from this angle we get a much better idea of the length of the chain.

Thacla, the mountain on the left (well, hill, I suppose – it is a sub-2000′, after all), crests the local scene quite magnificently and, in close up, there is something rather Swiss-like in the rising grandeur of its peak and flanks, particularly on the left side. Beinn Mhor, on the right, is probably more often climbed since it is higher (and, indeed, the Uists’ only Graham – sorry, Graham…) although there is a clear, and day-long walk encompassing all three and a total 1200m of ascent, but there’s only a few metres in it, height-wise. Were I to have to choose, Thacla would win for me on the grounds of its more impressive bulk and the superior way it lords it over the much smaller rise directly beneath, but both have their appeal and contribute to the very different character of South Uist compared to its neighbours to the north.

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