Before… and after



1 tonne of Verdo briquettes

Weather: clear, dry (bit windy). Gloves required.

No. of packs on pallet: 96

No. of trips to shed: 48

No. of steps, pallet to shed: 23 (in each direction)

No. of times slipped on wet ground: 1

No. of times banged head on low shed entrance: 0 (Result!)

No. of minutes start to finish: 41


7 thoughts on “Before… and after

      1. great choice, I’d forgotten the Pretenders song!!

        I could give you Dolly Parton’s,9 to 5, but how about :

        or at a stretch


  1. One of Chrisse Hynde’s best, I think: not least because (IIRC) she’d lost James Honeyman-Scott and Pete Farndon in fairly short order to overdoses not long before. But Billy Bremner on guitar, and Tony Butler on bass, were mighty fine replacements.

    Not, in contrast, Bruce’s finest moment – though I could make out a defence that it’s much better live, especially on the Wrecking Ball tour with its cast of thousands up on stage.

    But, sticking with Sam Cooke, how about, alternatively: ?
    Though, given it was Friday afternoon, we could be fairly loose around ‘water’…


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