A granola PS

… and pretty decent the spent grain granola is, too: a toasty and malty, even chocolatey flavour with a bit of bite even if a bit gritty in parts. A different malt bill from a different beer – say, a stout, as opposed to an amber ale – would clearly produce a different taste so it will be good to try it again with spent grains from a different beer.

Once dried in a low oven, the weight of my spent grains from my California Common kit came to 420 grammes, so, after I’d converted the dry goods ‘cups’ in the HomeBrewtique granola recipe, via Goodtoknow‘s conversion chart, it was easy to scale back the rest of the ingredients to 75% to produce some 1.25kg of healthy breakfast cereal from, otherwise, the addition of simple store cupboard ingredients.

Here’s the pre-bake version – once baked (30 mins at 180C), the only difference is that the picture looked a bit darker than this:

IMG_5549 (2)

Just add fruit and your yoghurt of your choice.

The mix is pretty dry, with the honey doing little in terms of binding any of it together, adding therefore only more sweetness, so – having a savoury rather than sweet tooth – I’d scale that (and the sugar) back next time by about half (sugar and honey account for about 14% of the finished product in terms of the recipe); while I’d also substitute dessicated coconut for the coconut flour which will add a different texture. A little cinnamon, especially in a dry mix, also goes a long way. I’d also add a few dried fruits (we’d run out, else they’d have been there in this one, too).

All helps make my investment in beer kits go that bit further, especially at a median price of about £1/100g, according to Healthista’s recent-ish list of ‘eleven best healthy granolas’.

And really very little faff involved in making it, either 🙂

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