NewMusicMondays – 24 August 2020

A friend said to me yesterday that there really isn’t enough music on this blog. Checking back my posts, the last music related item was a book review back in May; and, before that, a gig review last September.

So, in the attempt to remedy this clearly appalling state of affairs, and to help soundtrack your week, I’m going (unless otherwise derailed) to add a series of posts over at least the next couple of weeks linking to different pieces of music which are currently hitting the spot from artists that I don’t otherwise know a lot about.

First up this week, we have Bai Kamara, a guitarist who grew up in the UK and currently based in Belgium, where he’s lived for the last 25 years. This track has a strong Chicago blues vibe while the style recalls John Lee Hooker’s scene in The Blues Brothers (as ‘Street Slim’, apparently); but this was shot in Freetown, Sierra Leone and the ‘blues’ of the lyrics is entirely contemporary. Features plenty of distortion, too, for those who like that sort of thing. This is off Bai’s album Salone, released back in January.

I heard this on DJ Ritu‘s ‘A World in London’ show to which I’ve been a regular listener over the last ten years. In these times, Ritu is sill managing to put the show out on Mixcloud and, with a slight twist, features a few oldies alongside plenty of new stuff to compensate for the lack of live guests. And welcome to the long-awaited new website, Ritu!

The second track this week is by the retooled Nick Pride & The Pimptones and is an out-and-out Northern Soul stomper with a fresh pop soul sensibility. It’s got crashing drive, horns and a shimmering vocal line with cutely observed lyrics of love and (potential) loss. The band are straight out of Newcastle, soul music centre of the UK, and I heard this of course on Craig Charles’s 6Music show on Saturday (at about 1:34:45, just after Etta James and just before Craig’s ‘Talcum Time’, if you want to catch it in context). It’s off the forthcoming album Ideology.


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