Dance floor fillers

6Music put out one of its regular tweets this week looking for listeners to supply their top tracks for doing x, y or z thing: this time looking for tracks to fill a dance floor – six of them, of course (they’re nothing if not clever, 6Music’s social media team).

Usually, I resist this sort of thing on the grounds that these things change from day to day anyway, depending on the mood – but supplying half an hour of half a dozen absolute dance floor bangers turned out to be, a day or so later, to be irresistible. So, here’s my choices – at least, as of yesterday evening after a few glasses of something cold:







And, having got them there, I’d keep this particular crowd there with Sister Sledge, Stacy Lattisaw, the Pointer Sisters, Brothers Johnson, McFadden & Whitehead, Gary Byrd….

6 thoughts on “Dance floor fillers

  1. Oh yes, a big thumbs up for Curtis Mayfield, how about, in addition :
    The Jacksons (Brothers, this time) – Blame It On The Boogie
    Sister Sledge – Lost In Music
    Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music
    Village People – YMCA
    The Pasadenas – I’m Doing Fine Now


      1. The Sam Redmore remix is terrific as he subverts it – after the double snare shot he jumps to the instrumental section (shortened a little) which was the last half of the album version originally, and then leads from there into Curtis’s vocal. It’s very clever. And I could build a whole disco around Sister Sledge! Do you know the Dimiti from Paris remix of ‘Lost in Music’? Again brilliant because he takes a throwaway chuckle from the fade of the original and puts it up front and centre. They were also quite big on the Northern Soul scene, too.

        Dexy’s are definitely floor fillers – and there’s a whole load of non-dance tracks which absolutely do the job!

        And I had forgotten all about the Pasadenas, to my shame. I had the first album, too. I might stick with the Tom Moulton remix of Doin’ Fine – but Tribute is a great song. But that’s a proper disco when you (re-)discover something new (or old!).


  2. A great choice for the Curtis Mayfield version for sure. Lots of options for Sister Sledge tracks too, I must look up the remix you mentioned. I was surprised to find the Pasadenas were as late as 1991 for Doin’ Fine though… I must be getting old!

    And with regard to your other blog post, I guess the key question is – do you still have that Brotherhood Of Man LP? 🙂


    1. Yes, ‘Tribute’ was ’88 – one of the last flourishes of pop music for me.

      Pretty sure that the Brotherhood of Man is not one of the ones in the garage: charity shop or Record and Tape Exchange in Notting Hill would have been its likely destination, I suspect. That’s still there, though!


  3. So… the essential dance mix is now up to 70 tunes and six hours of ab-so-lute dance frenzy, though there’s still an African section and a Northern Soul section to add (markers are in place, of course). Let no-one say I’ve wasted my Saturday. Oh no.


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