Communications columns for BECTU

In 2019, I took on a regular column for Stage, Screen and Radio, the quarterly magazine for media and entertainment union BECTU, and a constituent part of Prospect – the union for professionals. Previously, the column had been written – for no fewer than 100 issues – by Roger Darlington, whose columns (stretching right back to 2003) can be accessed at the relevant bit of Roger’s website.

At the point of publication, the columns are for members only and feature proper production values as well as a regular illustrative cartoon from the imagination (and pen) of Tony Kelly. Historically, however, the texts of the columns can be accessed via the links below.


Spring: ‘Big Tech’-ville: Corporate domination in the 21st century (now in print; available to BECTU members only)



Winter: Rights at work in the platform economy

Autumn: Clocking big tech: the fight to own your data

Summer: Myth vs. logic in the time of COVID-19

Spring: The Huawei controversy – A symptom of deep malaise


Winter: Change your mindset – not your handset

Autumn: Communications in transition – the continuing need for dialogue

Summer: Mobile phones and the FUD factor

Spring: Are we hanging up on landlines?